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It’s a simple story. We really love avocados and never felt we had enough for all of our favorite recipes. Rather than simply buying more avocados we bought a Hass avocado grove in Fallbrook, California, the avocado capital of the United States.

It turns out that two people and 4 dogs can’t make a dent in the production from one tree, let alone the almost 1000 trees we now cultivate.

We discovered that avocados picked and ripened naturally, with no exposure to gas (like some of the supermarket varieties), taste better than anything you might have experienced in the past. That's why we want to share the biggest and best of our avocado harvest with you!
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If you love avocados as much as we do, you're in luck! Now you can order big, buttery, premium Hass avocados directly from our groves in Fallbrook, California.
These aren’t like the avocados you buy at your local grocery store. These are more delicious with a rich, nutty taste, smooth texture and lush color.
They were hard to find, except at a few farmers’ markets in southern California, until now. Order a box direct from our groves and experience the difference for yourself!
Greenwood Groves The Greenwood Groves
We are located approximately 12 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean in the Fallbrook area of southern California. Our hillside groves receive abundant sun, ocean breezes and the proper drainage that result in an exceptional crop. The trees are approximately 20 years old and have just entered their peak production years. In our climate, the Hass season runs from mid-December until late September.
Avocados   Hass Avocados
The Hass is by far the most popular of all the varieties grown in California, and for good reason. it is richer in flavor and has a smoother, creamier texture. It freezes well and takes the heat beautifully...Check out our delectable recipe for grilled avocados. And, one of the best things about the Haas is that it tells you when it’s ripe - the skin color changes from green to black.
  Your Order
We reserve only the biggest and best of our Hass crop for you. These large, premium avocados are hand-picked and gently packed in special boxes specifically designed for shipping avocados. Add a jar of avocado blossom honey and/or a bottle of avocado oil to your order and give your taste buds another treat! Your order will be processed quickly and sent to you within 7 days via Fedex or UPS. Order now.
Hass Avocado's   Delicious and Nutritious
The Hass avocado's rich taste and smooth texture add flavor and flair to a wide variety of foods. Not only cold, on sandwiches, in salads, and California rolls, but on pizzas, in soups and other hot dishes. Check out our favorite recipes. And as good as they taste, they're also good for your health. Cholesterol-free, sodium-free and low in saturated fat. The health benefits are irrefutable!